About us

What we do?

We develop technology for space with terrestrial applications that answer scientific and industrial questions that lead the creation of the space industry and blur the limits of the human being in the universe.

Our purpose

Contribute to space exploration based on sustainable technological developments that consider a positive impact on our planet, based on principles of mutual collaboration that encourage space democratization for humanity.

Project description

Space Robotics is a multidisciplinary project that aims to deliver robotic solutions for hostile environments with a clear vision of supporting space development in this new era called New Space.

The foregoing, through the development of technological innovations, such as avatar robotics and the incorporation of haptic technology that allow transporting the unique abilities, capacities and characteristics of the human being to those environments in which people are exposed to great risks if they will operate. in them, in conjunction with the scientific research necessary for these purposes.

Space Robotics has been accelerated by Singularity University during the year 2019 between the USA and Denmark, as well as has been validated with important actors in the world of space: including Made in Space Europe and NASA.

During the next years, great challenges arise that motivate to contribute to the development of better space robotics, promoting from R&D, the generation of technologies that allow sustainable, conscious, and long-term progress, give humanity a democratic access to space.

Our team

Carla Muttoni

Director & Founder

Alexandra Suárez Espinoza

Research & Development Director

Francisco De La Carrera Sepúlveda

Project Management Office